Fitness center discounts

Hennepin County provides fitness center membership discounts to employees, and family members and retirees covered by the county health plan.


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Fitness Advantage discount

Fitness Advantage program

Hennepin County employees, family members, and retirees covered by the county health plan can earn $10 - $50 per month toward health club fees. Up to two PreferredOne members in each household can sign up and receive reimbursement.

  • Work out 12 times a month at a participating health club and get $25 per month off single ($50 for dual) membership fees.
  • Work out 8 times a month and get $15 per month off single ($30 for dual) membership fees.
  • Work out 6 times a month and get $10 per month off single ($20 for dual) membership fees.

You can use the Trade Time for Fitness program to pay for the remainder of your health club fees.

Fitness Advantage FAQ's 

How do I sign up?

  1. Choose a Fitness Advantage health club. If your health club isn't on the list, ask them to join. (login to your PreferredOne account to see Hennepin County Fitness Advantage information)
  2. Fill out Fitness Advantage enrollment form (PDF) and take it to your health club.
  3. Work out 6, 8, or 12 times a month and get reimbursed. PreferredOne reimburses 30-45 days from the end of the month in which the 12 visit per month criteria was met.
  • For example, if you visit your health club 12 times in January, your account is reimbursed in March.

How will I receive reimbursement?

Your fitness facility determines how you receive your $10, $15 or $25/month. Methods range from a reduction in future membership dues to direct deposit.

What if my dues are less than $25/month?

The Fitness Advantage credit is your reported monthly dues, not to exceed $25.

What if I decide to change fitness centers or I am a member of more than one facility?

Fitness Advantage offers the reimbursement to only one fitness facility per individual per month. It is your responsibility to make sure the fitness facility you are active with is the only facility submitting information.

How do I earn credits towards the health incentive?

Employees/retirees and spouses who participate in Fitness Advantage can earn wellness credits towards the 2017 health incentive. Individuals can earn wellness points up to three times a year.  

  • Visit the gym 12 times per month for three months (consecutive or not) between November 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 and earn 20 wellness points.
  • Visit the gym 6 or 8 times per month for three months (consecutive or not) between November 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 and earn 15 wellness points.

Points earned for participating in Fitness Advantage will be automatically uploaded to your RedBrick Health account. There is no need to document your activity in RedBrick.

Will I be taxed on the reimbursement I receive through the program?

Yes. Hennepin County received a legal opinion regarding implementation of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulation. The regulation impacts employees who earn reduced gym membership fees through an employer-provided program. The regulation provides that employers who provide the opportunity for reduced gym membership fees to employees must treat the value of the fees as taxable income.

  • These taxes will be deducted from the second paycheck each month. You will be taxed on the amount you earned two months prior.  For example, taxes due on August reduced gym membership fees will be deducted from the second paycheck of October.
  • If a covered dependent also earns reduced gym membership fees through Fitness Advantage, the employee will be taxed for the total amount earned.  For instance, if you earn $10 in one month and your dependent earns $25, the employee will be taxed on $35.
  • You will be taxed at your regular withholding rate.  You can view your current W4 exemptions on your Self Service Paycheck.


Additional fitness center discounts

In addition to Fitness Advantage and Trade Time for Fitness, here are more ways employees can stay healthy and save money!


Twin Cities locations

  • Eligible:  employees
  • No enrollment or administrative fees
    • myLT Buck$ - $100 (entire amount allocated at time of enrollment)
  • Complimentary Training Solutions consultation
  • Access to online content and resources, such as Flourish newsletter and Eat Well
  • Must enroll on-line
  • Only open to new members


  • Eligible: employees
  • Access to all 22 YMCA locations in the Twin Cities
  • Rewards for working out; if a Y member uses the Y twelve times a month, he/ she will receive a $15 reimbursement toward the following month's membership fee. This is in addition to any reimbursement received through Fitness Advantage.
  • Free towel service
  • Premium enrollment fee of $15 year round (regular price of $50)
  • Only open to new members
  • One free trial week for employees and their families to try out one (or multiple) of the 22 YMCA facilities. During trial week you can:
    • Visit the YMCA of your choice an unlimited number of times

    • Participate in an unlimited number of group exercise classes

    • Participate in one of the special offerings, such as, personal training, group training, TRX suspension training, kettlebell training, water personal training or a wellness consultation. To arrange one of these special offerings contact Andrew Hoffman at or 612-371-8795.

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