Examiner of Titles

The Examiner of Titles and deputy examiners are attorneys appointed by district court judges to perform the judicial, administrative and legal adviser duties specified in the Minnesota Land Registration Act, also known as the Torrens Act.

We deal with attorneys, title insurance company personnel, real estate brokers and salespersons, mortgage companies, and owners of real property in Hennepin County.

Our duties include:

  • Assisting the district court by examining titles
  • Issuing reports and conducting hearings in court cases involving the registration of land titles and in court cases involving problems or disputes with land which has been previously registered

Examiners also act as as legal adviser to the Registrar of Titles, who is responsible for filing title documents (e.g., deeds, mortgages, liens) submitted to the Registrar and for issuing Certificates of Title. The Examiner of Titles is also authorized by state statute to issue certain directives and certifications to the Registrar of Titles regarding Torrens title matters.

New hearing schedule beginning September 14, 2015

  • Original registration proceedings – Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.
  • Proceeding subsequent and five-week redemption period cases – Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.
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Initial registration proceedings

Certificates of Possessory Title (CPT)

Proceedings subsequent to initial registration

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